Hello there! At Green Chair Recycling, we love helping our community. In fact, we are a little community of individuals doing our best to make a difference. Join us to learn all about sustainability, gain hands on experience, make friends and have lots of fun diverting waste with our amazing team. We have a variety of different positions so come take a look!

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Our goal is to inspire, educate, and facilitate waste diversion at events and in our community in order to minimize our collective environmental impact.


Event Waste Management

Green Chair has developed an enviable track record for providing comprehensive zero waste event services which get real results. We typically recycle over 95% of an event’s waste. Recycling made easy.

Educational Outreach

Green Chair is excited to offer free educational outreach services for all high schools, colleges and universities in the BC Lower Mainland area. We started the company with the amazing vision of not only providing sustainable services for people and businesses, but also educating and inspiring others so they can do the same thing!

Recycling In a Box

A cost-effective and environmentally responsible waste management service solution for event holders/organizers seeking to green their event. It is tailored to smaller-scale events making it a great environmentally responsible alternative to our full waste management service package.

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