Aiming for Zero? Zero Waste That Is

So you’ve mastered remembering your reusable bags, and sometimes your travel mug, you recycle at home and on the street. You refuse receipts from the bank machine. You know there has to be more you can do, but what!?

We’ll tell you what! Follow these next steps and you’ll be on your way to zero waste in no time!

  • Zero waste shopping – recycling is great but not having anything to recycle in the first place is even better. Packaging makes up 30% of general waste. Check out this amazing bulk store app developed by Zero Waste Home! Pack your reusable containers and get to shopping!
  • If bulk shopping isn’t an option, stop purchasing over packaged items – We’ve all seen it. An items wrapped in wrapping, then more wrapping. It might be the better deal for your wallet, but not the environment or future generations.
  • Refuse the freebies – This is a hard one. We all like something that’s free. But the more you take freebies the more they make, no matter how useless. Resist the instant pleasure and keep your eyes on the prize – being zero waste (and clutter free!).
  • Take your own container to restaurants – as great as compostable containers are, they are still single use items. Tuck a small container into your bag and be prepared when your meal is too much to handle in one sitting.

Once you start making these seemingly ‘bigger’ choices they get easier and easier and you make more and more of an impact. Something we all appreciate.

What ideas do you have to get one step closer to zero waste?

                Keep it empty!
Aiming for Zero? Zero Waste That Is