Easter – Pink, Yellow, Blue and GREEN!

Easter! A time of celebration, colour, fun and treats.

Somewhere along the way our holidays have become laden with so much excess material that ends up in the landfill. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This Easter keep the festivities and spirit and lose the garbage.

  1. Skip the cellophane grass! Use cloth napkins or scarves to line the baskets. You could also use real straw or tissue paper (but remind us why chocolate eggs need a bed again?). Important to know is that the cellophane decorative ‘grass’ is not recyclable and a huge choking hazard to pets and animals. It’s just bad news.
  2.  DIY your Easter Basket – Decorate empty cans or juice jugs, throw in some pipe cleaners or a rope for a handle and BOOM! Easter Basket. A quick internet search will provide great ideas and tutorials. Related image
  3. What about baking more and buying less? Bake mini cookies, brownies and brittles to cut down on the individually wrapped chocolate eggs and mini bunnies.
  4. When you’re buying your chocolate treats than look for Fair Trade chocolate to ensure the farmers were paid fairly for their work and product.

As a side note please don’t buy dyed chicks and bunnies as gifts. These are living creatures and long term serious commitments.

How do you plan on keeping your Easter green this year? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Easter – Pink, Yellow, Blue and GREEN!