Jingle Bells, Landfills Smell…Time to Make A Change!

Household waste increases approximately 25% around the holidays but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little thinking outside the box we can make a big difference.

Here are some great ideas that are filled with love, not garbage.

     DIY Lego advent calendar. This one is genius. Not only are you able to get creative, involve the kids, learn new things but you are using a toy that has endless reusable possibilities AND avoiding waste. You also get to choose what kind of daily treat your child gets. Bonus. Instructions HERE.
schema-photo-How-to-Make-Coconut-Oil-Bath-Melts-in-an-Ice-Cube-Tray.jpg Baths are luxurious treats. So why not amp it up for the bath lover in your life? DIY coconut oil bath melts are simple and easy to make. Not to mention waste and toxin free.
Image result for happiness jar Turn an old jar into a Happiness Jar. Fill the jar throughout the year with happy memories, big or small, and read them on New Year’s Day. Or fill the jar with compliments, cute anecdotes, inspirational quotes or jokes for a loved one who needs a pick me up from time to time.
 The B.C. Recycling Council says 545,000 tonnes of waste is generated in Canada from gift-wrapping and shopping bags each year. Yikes. Explore Furoshiki, the art of wrapping with cloth. You can make beautiful pieces of art while not filling the landfill with virgin trees. Remember that glittery or shiny paper is not recyclable and instead goes straight to the landfill.

Other Less Fun Ideas

Avoid disposable dishware for parties and dinners. Yes, it is a quicker clean up but sometimes the Earth needs us to suck it up and clean up our own mess.

Invite dinner and party guests to bring food containers to help manage the piles of leftovers. It’s better to give food away than put in the trash or compost bin.

Remember bigger is not always better and less is usually more. The holidays are not a competition. Be happy, merry, spread love, not garbage and give Mother Nature a gift of reduced waste this season. She deserves it.

Merry Recycling!

Jingle Bells, Landfills Smell…Time to Make A Change!