Join the movement! Plastic Free July is about paying attention to the plastic that is part of our every day and how we can reduce it. Not a bad thing to be a part of 😉

You Know the Reasons

Loss of wildlife and their habitat, communities being relocated, oil spills and leaks into our waterways…and that’s just the extraction process! Then there’s the processing with all it’s emissions, poisonous chemicals and more emissions for delivery AND then we use that straw, coffee lid, rip off the banana sticker, unwrap the juice box and any other item we use for mere minutes. Maybe it gets recycled, maybe it gets blown off the picnic tables, a raccoon takes it away or a crow. The point is the cost of the convenience of plastic is just too high; and we haven’t even touched on the human health concerns.

Cutting your Plastic Use is Simple

It just requires just a little forethought. Packing your own shopping bags, coffee mug, water bottle, utensils and napkins are easy. Shop the farmer’s market to eliminate pre-wrapped and labelled food. Then you can start shopping bulk with your own containers and ditch the plastic packaging all together. Buy loose leaf tea, DIY your own mouth wash. You’d be surprise what you can make at home with a little Googling 🙂

We can do this! Pick one thing and get really good at it. Then move onto the next and the next. Tell your friends and family and soon it won’t just be #plasticfreejuly it will be #plasticfree.