Tip – New Year, New Strategy

We’re passionate about effective waste handling here at Green Chair. We truly believe this small, simple act makes a big difference and fortunately it’s easy enough everyone can do it!

It’s never too late to start an earth friendly resolution, so we’re inviting you to check out our tips to improve how you handle waste at home, workplace or classroom.

Step 1: Review the do’s and do not’s of the recycling, composting and waste bins. Chances are there are a few items you could have been recycling this whole time or maybe you’ve been contaminating your recycling with items that don’t belong (whoops!). You can find this information on your local municipality’s website. Print off their user guide so it’s always handy.

Step 2: Label your bins!  Include a short list of what is and what is not acceptable.

Step 3: Put your collection bins where you will use them. Sure you have room in the basement but unless you actually take things down there, they aren’t doing their job.  A quick internet search will provide tons of great ideas.

Step 4: Choose items that have zero packaging or packaging that is recyclable or compostable.

Step 5: If you have kids, get them involved! Children love to help and it’s never too early to start teaching earth friendly habits.

Step 6: Up for a challenge? Track the bags of garbage that are generated and work to generate less. Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure!

We all feel tired and rushed at times, which makes it easier to simply toss everything in the garbage. Unfortunately, this only delays the problem – be it higher taxes and fees on waste collection, siting of a new landfill near your home, trash in your forests, parks or streams or any number of ways that garbage gets in our way when we don’t deal with it properly.

Did we miss anything?  Add your tips in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!

Tip – New Year, New Strategy
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