We’ll be posting some fun facts and helpful tips to help you work towards zero waste!

New Years Resolutions – Make’em Green!

  This year make your resolution count towards the greater good. You don’t have to give up your personal resolutions, but why not throw in a little bit of Earth friendliness too? There are a wide range of sustainable resolutions

Good News for a Change

We all need a little good news from time to time. Here are a few stories that hopefully get you feeling good about changes in the right direction. We wish it was these kinds of stories that headline the newspapers

See it? Pick it Up!

Here’s a quick reminder that if you see some litter, you can just pick it up. But It’s Not My Garbage True. But you likely have accidentally left garbage somewhere else. Receipts escape our pockets, wrappers fall out of cars

A Zero Waste Shopping Trip

Refusing waste is the first and arguably the most important step in controlling the waste generated in our society. A major place to refuse waste is while grocery shopping so here’s how to do it. This weekend I went to

You can Recycle THAT!?

You can never know too much about recycling. If you’re in BC then here is a quick run down of a few things you may not have known should and shouldn’t go in your blue box! Info comes straight from

A Good Year So Far? Definitely

2017 has been amazing and it’s not even close to being over. Here’s a small recap of some of what we’ve been up to. We’ve teamed up with and green’d <– proper, technical terminology 😉 21 major events around the


Join the movement! Plastic Free July is about paying attention to the plastic that is part of our every day and how we can reduce it. Not a bad thing to be a part of 😉 You Know the Reasons

Rivers to Oceans – You Play a Part

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a dead zone the size of Texas filled with garbage ranging from plastic bags to microscopic pieces of polyester. Unfortunately We’ve all contributed. No matter how far from the ocean you live, wind, runoff, sewers,