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Metro Vancouver produces over 3 million tonnes of garbage every year! That’s enough to fill BC Place three times over!! If that’s not shocking enough, around 40% of this garbage is organics which could be converted into usable compost rather than left to rot in a landfill and produce harmful methane emissions.

So its not surprising that Metro Vancouver is banning all food scraps from garbage by 2015. This means that every house, every residential complex and every business in Metro Vancouver needs to have an effective organic recycling programme in place by 2015.

Green Chair offers the following services to ensure you meet this 2015 deadline:

  • A waste audit to understand the volumes and types of waste produced
  • A walk around of your building to identify any issues (such as restricted space or difficult access) and opportunities (such as signs of people already sorting recyclables)
  • A survey of residents and/or employees to understand people’s priorities and any reservations
  • An engagement session to introduce the recycling programme to all involved and to collect initial feedback
  • Training and assistance to recycling champions or ambassadors
  • Information packs for residents and/or employees with information on recycling, stickers and posters for use around recycling bins
  • Ongoing regular reports summarising diversion rates, success and improvements to the programme
  • Follow-up engagement sessions, as required

At Green Chair we understand the importance of longevity of these schemes and we do not simply walk away once the recycling programme is operational. We regularly monitor and communicate effectiveness and are constantly striving to improve the diversion rates from all of our projects.

Our passion and enthusiasm for zero waste recycling is infectious. With Green Chair on board in the design, set up and operation of your recycling program you will ensure maximum effectiveness of your program.

And why stop at organics? The cost of garbage disposal is set to continue increasing relative to the cost of recycling meaning you can save money whilst doing the right thing for the environment.

Contact us for more information or to discuss ways that Green Chair can help you recycle more!