Recycling In a Box

ROX Setup

What is Recycling in a Box?

Recycling in a Box (ROX) is a waste management service designed to be a cost-effective solution for event holders/organizers seeking to green their event. It is tailored to smaller-scale events making it a great environmentally responsible alternative to our full waste management service package.

Included with ROX

Everything you need to effectively recycle your event’s waste.

  • Pre-event consultation and the development of a waste management plan.
  • Training materials for your event volunteers
  • Assistance with event setup (if required)
  • Provision of all equipment for recycling/waste management at your event (bins, signs, bags, gloves, pickers, etc.)
  • After the event, we will haul ALL of the waste (if any!) and recycling, making for quick and easy event cleanup and takedown
  • One of our trained staff will be available on the phone throughout the event duration for any questions that may arise

ROX In Van

Why ROX rocks!

  • Get ROX Certified – In recognition of your recycling efforts we will provide our Green Chair seal of approval and recycling certificate to promote your environmental responsibility.
  • ROX is unique – No other service provider provides assured diversion and certified recognition.
    Recycling Made Simple – All you need to provide is the volunteers
  • Opportunity for improvement – We provide a recycling report with statistics and recommendations for future events.
  • Environmental Responsibility – Divert waste from going into the landfill.


Call or email us your event details including: type of event, duration, expected attendance,
location, and we will quickly get back to you with a quote.

“It was so great to have Green Chair at Drive Fest! Your team made a world of difference from last year. All the coordinators from last year were saying it was like night and day with waste during the festival, and with the clean-up post festival.”- Tanya Otero, Lead Coordinator, Drive Fest, June 2014