Hello there! At Green Chair Recycling, we love helping our community. In fact, we are a little community of individuals doing our best to make a difference. Join us to learn all about sustainability, gain hands-on experience, make friends and have lots of fun diverting waste with our amazing team. We have a variety of different positions so come take a look!

Green Chair is a locally owned, for-profit social enterprise dedicated to providing our community with simple and effective recycling solutions and educational opportunities. As a social enterprise, we strive to make the community stronger by supporting local events, businesses, clubs and groups. To learn more about us, visit the about us page.

From all of our volunteer opportunities, we hope to give the best experience possible and empower individuals to make a real impact in the community. For your hard work, you will also receive volunteer letters, fresh, organic, local meals as well as the chance to pitch and receive support for your own community initiatives. For continued commitment of over 30 hours, reference letters are also available by request.


Join our Team

If you would like to apply for any of the opportunities, have inquires, or if you want to help in some other way, contact one of our volunteer coordinators at volunteers@gogreenchair.com. Happy recycling!



Sign up for our newsletter to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities. You have the choice to join us at as few or as many events as you would like. Full details on how to join each event will be included in the emails.We really look forward to having you on our team. Together we can make a real change in our community!


Volunteer Positions

Event Volunteer

Our Recycling Volunteers attend community events, educate attendees on proper recycling techniques, and show how easy and beneficial recycling and environmental initiatives can be. Events we attend typically achieve 95% diversion rates from the landfill, which would not be possible without our team of Recycling Volunteers. This is a hands-on position that is open to all ages and abilities; an eye-opening chance to see the change we can all make.

To sign up, view our upcoming events and our calendar. Grab a friend, sign up for an interesting event, and prepare to have fun, learn, teach and soak up the event atmosphere. We hope to meet you soon!

Are you the organizer of a large group of individuals interested in volunteering? We would love to and be honored to have you. Contact us for events best suited for larger groups.


Volunteer Writer

Aspiring to gain experience in writing, curating content and managing social media? Work with one of our volunteer coordinators to draft tweets, Facebook posts and website content. A strong grasp of English and experience with Twitter, Facebook and Photoshop are assets, however a desire to learn and creativity are more important. Should be able to commit 3-5 hours a week for at least a month. Most of the work will be done from home with meetings over video calls and periodically in person.


Volunteer Creative Assistant

We are always looking for ways to make our volunteer opportunities more exciting, fun and unique. In this position, you will have the chance to find, develop and create new events, programs and perks that better the volunteer experience for all volunteers. Throughout, you will develop increased leadership and communication skills, especially in project management. No experience is necessary, but you must be self-motivated. Flexible commitment periods are available, however 5-7 hours a week for a month is preferred. We can’t wait to work with you and hear about your ideas!


Volunteer Photographer

We are looking for photographers and videographers to attend events and educational outreach sessions to document our team, the smiles and our impact. This is a great way for you to develop your skills and potentially have your photos featured on the website, social media and marketing materials with credit to you. All skill levels are welcome but you must be able to provide a camera capable of taking pictures over 10MP.